17 21 year old dating

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17 21 year old dating - Woman chatrom

They have three kids, and as far as I can see, her and her husband fit each other to a T (and not the "trouble" kind). I can't say I wouldn't be worried, but to tell you the truth, I think I'd be worried no matte who dsd chose to date. My brother met his wife when she was 17 and he was 21. I think it is really something that has to be looked at on a case by case basis.

Thus, there's no way I'd let an older one near my kid.In that case it would be easier to judge whether their relationship was appropriate or not.In my experience, 21 year old boys do not usually have a fully matured sense of their sexuality - not necessarily more than a 17 year old girl.I would probably not have a problem with my 17 year old daughter dating a 21 year old unless they were obviously on totally different levels of development.I do think it is fair for the parent to get to meet and spend time with the partners of their children though, especially in cases with such an age difference.Likewise, some under-age-rs drink socially (some do it with their parent's blessing); and mature faster, etc. As for the dating someone your age or younger is so immature bit, are you sure these girls don't mean that the guy is so immature? The difference between those ages isn't so huge that I couldn't understand that they had some interests in common.

It's really not a question that can be answered based on age, alone. Cause to be honest, 17 yo guys can be pretty immature at times. that can be said about any guy, be he 21, 51 or 17. I would assume, however, that most 21 year-old young men had fully matured senses of their sexuality, and take into account whether the seventeen year-old in question could cope with that.

originally posted by Ursusarctos: I think we are making the same point, here.

I certainly didn't mean to give the impression that sexual expression in a younger, female partner was inappropriate. And yes, my parents were very cautious about him in the beginning, but they love him now.

My 17 yo niece got a lot more pressure from the boyfriend she had that was the same age (regarding things like sex, alcohol, etc.) than she did when she dated someone who was 20.

If my dd wanted to date him then I would not have a problem with it.

when i was 16 i dated a 21 year old (for 2 years) and he never pressured me into anything, nor did he drink.. we split up for about 5 years but are back together now and he'll be 36 next month (i'm 24) i don't really see any issues..

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