Adult chat online for married men

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Adult chat online for married men - sex dating in choteau montana

Sometimes I think it's not that bad, it's just a bit of porn but other days I can't stop thinking of the fact that he is hiding it from me and seeking sexual gratification elsewhere. Men (and some women) don't see anything wrong with porn because it's only looking.

Just wanted to add that I'm not happy with the porn either.

If he is unhappy with your intimate relations he should say so - have you never discussed this with him since your pregnancy/birth?

Communication and trust is hugely important and anything you're unhappy with you must tell him.

I would not for one second be against it if it could be guaranteed that nobody suffered because of making a few quid from porn but that's not the reality in some cases.

Sometimes it's not harmless fun for some 'actors' in the porn movies though, I think some people tend to forget that aspect of it.

Unfortunately people do suffer through it, both sides of the camera.

If you could guarantee that nobody suffers because of it then there would be no problem at all with watching it. I completely sympathise Anon(6900) Although I don't believe porn is cheating, I do think chatting online definitely is. He will probably feel bad if he allowed you to give him gratification but you couldn't receive any yourself, so this is the simpler option.I expect my husband to understand things from my point of view rather than heading for the computer!My other problem is that I don't know how I feel about the porn, he isn't having an affair but looks at porn online at least 3-4 times a week. I'm already feeling low about my body and this has just exacerbated things Porn is one thing, chat rooms are another!Secrets and lies can have a big impact on trust in a relationship.I am going through this just now, having 'found out' my husband does this also.Hi I've just found out that my husband has been looking at porn online and has joined chat rooms whilst I was pregnant.