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I didn't give them any thought throughout." If Musano has his way, many more deaf people in the U. and elsewhere will be using Convo for similar situations—as well as another one.

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( "I got a plumber and called a nearby store to see if they had water vacuum cleaners, and did both using Convo on my phone," he said."VRS allows a more natural and real-time conversation through telecommunications for ASL-fluent individuals," he said. and the other VRS providers enable our community to have access to telecommunication services on nearly equal footing." Convo's marketing strategy is to differentiate itself by focusing on the fact that it is owned by deaf people and that provides an app designed by deaf people.Founded in 2009, the company also touts that it trains its interpreters to convey the mood and tone of a call's participants."President Obama took one look at my interpreter, made eye contact with me, shook my hand and said, 'I want you to know we're looking into the interpreter situation that happened in South Africa,' " recalled Musano, a New York entrepreneur."It was so quick of him that I was stunned and forgot what I had planned to say, so I replied, 'The deaf community is also working on it,' " he said."All that occurred while I was looking for the shutoff valve, moving my stuff on tables and chairs, throwing towels and sheets to divert water, and panicked stuff like that.

As floods go, I waded through this just fine, and the calls I made were seamless."The president said, 'That's important because we need to work with the community on this.' " That "situation" was the public relations debacle that ensued earlier in December, when the purported sign language interpreter assigned to translate Obama's remarks at the funeral for former South African President Nelson Mandela was exposed as a fraud.His "signs" had been little more than gibberish to the hearing impaired watching in person and on TV.Let's learn a little more about this online service.Chat Random - this is a random video chat, access to which is absolutely free.But as we see such websites as are quite popular, that does not prevent the rapid emergence of alternatives chatroulettei.