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This however results in failure and is defeated, but saved by Reika at the cost of her life, he then seemed to almost loathe himself for his failure.

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His survival skills and desire to live, and overcome the impossible has inspired many of his team mates, such as Suzuki, Kato and Reika to live and fight to the end.Izumi mentioned once that no one should be able to do what Kei does, and doesn't understand how Kei is so strong.Kei's strength and biggest change in personality after Arc 1 from was mostly a result of him being together with Tae.Sometimes he is seen leading people, or going with someone, other times he goes off on his own.Kei has been stated by many to possess an amazing ability, the ability to survive.Originally he fought so hard, just to survive, and this the time he felt truly alive.

Later he thinks of Tae during battle, determined to make it home again to see her.

His real self is also fairly confident after his many previous fights within Gantz, as when Eeva Gund challenges him, he promised Tae he would be back soon, even after witnessing Eeva annihilate an entire American team in a matter of seconds, despite their individual prowess.

The clone loved Reika, although she was the person he claimed to have hated for her reviving him, but secretly loved, seemingly more than Tae, as when she was revived he declared her love for her, and apologized, she was then killed by the "Second Aliens", he charged recklessly at them in a rage, silently demanding they take him to Reika, and he met a swift end in his suicidal assault.

However, his entire view on life changes after watching Kato's determination to keep everyone alive.

After Kato and Kishimoto die during the fight against the Buddha aliens, he finds it in himself to overcome his fears and makes Kato's mission a reality (To keep all of the players alive through the missions).

He has shown excellent tactics for survival, telling people when to stick together, hide, and run in the utmost perfect timing to great success.