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Best films adult - who is miranda july dating

Bi women are even less visible in Hollywood films, particularly before the last couple of decades (a surprising exception being Lauren Bacall’s psychiatrist in 1949’s Young Man with a Horn).Often, if bi females are portrayed at all, they are as monsters (pick any European vampire film at random from the 1960s and 70s) or as titillating sex pots (pick any DVD at random from your sex shop).

Although Cabaret has become a key gay text, its fanboys and fangirls tend to deify the performances of Liza Minnelli as singer Sally Bowles and Joel Grey as the sexually ambiguous master of ceremonies. But the best, albeit far less showy, acting comes from Michael York as the bisexual writer (based on Christopher Isherwood, who penned the memoir upon which the musical is based) who moves to Berlin to complete a doctorate, but falls in with Minnelli’s glamorous cabaret singer.

Audran won the best actress award at Berlin for her compelling performance.

It may seem reductive to call Terence Stamp’s enigmatic character in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpiece bisexual, but given he seduces an entire family – father, mother, daughter, son – and their maid, it’s not wildly inaccurate either.

Usually the location is an all-female jail, either to enable sensational scenes of unrepressed lust – sleazy sexploitation flicks such as Barbed Wire Dolls (1976) became a staple of softcore cinemas – or to examine relationships between women in a world without men.

Sexual relationships between men in prison is usually restricted to brutal rape scenes, but William Dieterle’s silent drama Sex in Chains, outrageous title notwithstanding, is far more sensitive.

A repressed wealthy family has their world shaken up by a visitation from a beautiful stranger.

Following passionate exchanges with all of them, they are devastated when he suddenly leaves the narrative halfway through the film, changing their behaviour in dramatic ways – one becomes a nymphomaniac, one becomes a saint, while the shy son becomes an abstract artist.The visitor has a sexual liaison with Why, before Frédérique makes her move and embarks on a relationship with him herself, to the chagrin of Why.A synopsis of the plot sounds like a tired chauvinist fantasy, but Chabrol isn’t much interested in his leading man.Jolting the Italian ruling class out of their bourgeois stupor, Stamp’s antichrist destroys society’s constructs – in the most directly political metaphor, following the visitor’s departure, the father gives his factory away to the workers and wanders naked into the desert.His final howl to camera is a disquieting finale to a highly provocative film.The B in LGBT is not explored in cinema as much as the L, the G and, latterly, the T. Bisexual men and bisexual women are depicted very differently in cinema.

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