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In laboratory experiments, blue jays vomit within minutes of eating a monarch because monarchs are what they eat. Though monarchs are unaffected by the toxin, they incorporate the poison into their own body tissues.The poison is retained through metamorphosis so even adults have high concentrations of the foul tasting chemicals.

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Police said they were releasing the video evidence that "captured the brutal murder" in a bid to trace the male offender and a female suspect following the robbery at 8.30pm in Post Street, between Franklin Street and Gough Street.Much of what we know about monarch migration comes from a University of Kansas citizen science program called Monarch Watch.Participants can purchase self-adhesive tags to place of the hind wings of captured monarchs.Mark and recapture studies have shown that monarchs travel as far as 1,800 miles in just four months.They move only by day at a leisurely pace of 5 to 18 mph.Subsequent generations lay eggs as they work their way northward until monarchs return as far north as Canada. Their life cycle is a textbook example of complete insect metamorphosis. Bold black, white, and yellow rings encircle the body and identify the fleshy larval stage.

Females lay clusters of pinhead-sized eggs on the undersides of leaves of milkweed plants. Within 14 days they devour enough milkweed leaves to weigh more than 2,000 times their hatching weight.

Each caterpillar then finds a protected perch and molts into a cocoon-like pupal case called a chrysalis.

In the next two to three weeks, the contents of the pale-green, gold-flecked chrysalis transforms from a lowly caterpillar into the beautiful burnt-orange and black adult butterfly.

Curiously, the toxin is more highly concentrated in the wings and exoskeleton than in the body.

Thus, a predator that nips even a piece of wing discovers that monarchs are distasteful.

The suspects are described as a black adult male, 5ft 10in, of heavy build and last seen wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans, and a black adult female, 5ft 4in, with long dreadlocks or braids up in a ponytail.

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