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He denied having prior knowledge of the incident but said his staff knew, the lawsuit said.The mother said she provided information about harassment from other students, but the school took no action and it continued.

S District Court against the school district, Superintendent Shelly Walker, former Principal Rodger Tripplett and Title IX coordinator Patricia Robinson.The Benton Harbor lawsuit alleges the girl suffered sexual harassment and a hostile school environment after she filed a complaint.School pays former student 0K for sex assault, harassment claims Timothy Bell Jr., now 18, is serving one year in the Berrien County Jail, to be followed by five years on probation, for the crime against the student.Being autistic, "she strives off structure." In the months after the Benton Harbor attack, the girl underwent counseling and was hospitalized after a suicide threat.She was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.He pleaded guilty June 27, 2016 to assault with intent to commit sexual penetration, records show.

He was quarterback during Benton Harbor's magical 2015 season.She lost peripheral vision and suffered severe headaches, according to the lawsuit.Tripplett, then the principal, called the girl's mother on March 12. The principal and parent also discussed the teasing and bullying, according to court documents. The victim's mother met with Tripplett three days later.The detective told the victim's mother he had been to the school and Bell's home on several occasions.The victim "began to suffer a great deal of ridicule, teasing, taunting her and violent outbursts from the other athletes," including a male athlete who wanted to fight her, the lawsuit said.The lawsuit said the school did not talk to the victim until several months after police began their investigation.

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