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Tactics like entrapment—and the severe consequences that follow—undoubtedly lead to self-censorship, as those looking for moral support or partnership online may fear that doing so could ruin their lives.

If this is not enough for you, start browsing this Join now for a Live NUDE Video Chat in my private room!Another man in Saudi Arabia was jailed for three years and tortured with 150 lashes after a police officer entrapped him in a public chatroom and asked to meet in person with all of his makeup and drag outfits in tow.Men who are arrested are often detained in a cell designated for gay men in Braiman Prison in Jeddah, where anywhere between 50-75 men have been reported to be packed into a single cell.More and more governments in the region are using digital surveillance to entrap, arrest, detain, and harass individuals who visit LGBTQ websites or chat rooms, or who use social media to protest homophobic laws and social stigmas.Meanwhile, nationwide filtering and complicit Internet search companies have censored content relating to homosexuality by blocking websites and restricting keyword searches in countries like Sudan, Yemen, and across the Gulf region.Fear and self-censorship In Saudi Arabia, religious police have outed individuals, resulting in their incarceration.

One man in the kingdom was arrested by the religious police for using Facebook to find and date other men.

This happens often, but it is extremely difficult to collect details of cases, since being publicly accused of homosexuality can ruin one's life.

Outed homosexuals may be permanently ostracized from their families, lose all job prospects, and destroy the reputation of their social networks.

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Across the Arab world, LGBTQ communities still struggle to gain social recognition, and individuals still face legal penalties for consensual activities.

In Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iraq, homosexuality is punishable by death.

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    Department of Creative Arts., 1 Building West Lafayette, Indiana 47907, USA. 207 ; Dunbabin (K.), The Mosaics of Roman North Africa. 234, 250, 374, 397, 493-494, 521-522, 583, 590, 605 ; Lavin (I.), The Hunting Mosaics of Antioch and their Sources.

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