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Sometime chat can be simply about our day or the latest movies.Stutter Social Hangouts are likened to sitting at a table at a bar or restaurant; however, instead of it being in person, it's all on screen.

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This led him to explore the next frontier in self-help -- webcam chat.

"I've never talked to fellow stutterers as much before," he notes. S., found his self-image changing within a month of regularly hanging out with stutterers who had confidence in themselves.

"My attitude went from caring how people saw me to letting it roll off my back," he says. Recent research has shown that self-help activities are beneficial in stuttering management.

Now we're working on creating that experience for people all over the world and making it very convenient and accessible." Incorporating social media tools such as Google , Facebook, and Twitter enables us to witness the difference a support system like Stutter Social is making in the lives of our participants.

From those who live in an area with no support group to everyone emphatically resonating with fellow stutterers, participants feel less alone in their stuttering, become motivated by interacting with confident stutterers and form friendships.

"I thought that was really cool." They met at a New York cafe to chat about their interests and experiences. Leahy (Eds.), Research, treatment, and self-help in fluency disorders: New horizons.

"I learned a lot about how Toronto has a thriving theatre community," Revere says. Proceedings of the fifth world congress on fluency disorders 25--28 July, 2006, Dublin, Ireland, (pp. David Stones, from Toronto, and Jacquelyn Revere, from New York, met on Stutter Social, where they found that they share a mutual love of theatre."I was intrigued by Jacquelyn being a stuttering actress," Stones recalls. "I decided to become a host for Stutter Social, because unlike a chapter group which has a local meeting, this allows me to connect with people who stutter from around the globe! " Samuel Dunsiger, Communications Director of Stutter Social, enjoys learning from the experiences of others who stutter around the world. You don't have to display any personal information, and you don't necessarily need to use the social network. Once you have an account, you can join a Stutter Social hangouts during any of the scheduled times. Trichon began hosting video-based support meetings on Skype, with Resnick and Rossi initially as participants.