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Therefore, any existing footage would be endlessly transformed over years of theatrical screenings, mixed, matched and somewhat dishonestly repackaged into at least partially "new" features.

The mission of the Baxter International Foundation is to increase access to healthcare for the disadvantaged and underserved in the United States and around the world.

Purpose: Hiring of staff (7 Field Officers) for the Urban Nutrition Initiative which has been designed to ensure prevention and early detection of malnutrition in twenty 'high-burden' urban locations of Maharashtra.

The initiative provides an opportunity not only to reach an underserved population, but also, for FMCH to share its knowledge and approach with government workers in the hope that its best practices will be taken up by the government for long-term change.

Title is even borrowed ad verbatim from a classic Louis Feuillade silent serial, itself a thinly disguised rip-off of that old chestnut "Les Deux Orphelines" about a pair of pure yet put-upon maidens whose hardships are eventually rewarded by true love and subsequent wedlock.

The movie's most inspired aspect is the physical similarity between the two actresses, further increased by inflicting identical hairstyles on them both.

The "incarnation" of GAMINES I happened to come across undoubtedly dates from such a later stage of its cinematic career, kicking off with a long segment from Francis Leroi's costume classic PETITES FILLES AU BORDEL, followed by an elaborate orgy sequence featuring Ellen Earl and Guy Royer possibly taken from Lazlo Renato's SUPEREXCITATION before settling into the film "proper".

Think of it as a "best of" package, except that it's not… Now all this back story may prove to be more interesting than the flick itself, while nicely shot (no credit but might have been Roger Fellous) an almost touchingly inept wallow in overstated melodrama which was something of a Pierson trademark.

As a dirty movie devotee of 25 years and counting, I feel almost obliged to make the weekly pilgrimage to this relic of what polite society would undoubtedly deem unsavory cultural expression.

Supply and demand being what it is nowadays, celluloid carnality has become increasingly more difficult to come by for the grind-house owners, in recent years loads of German-dubbed American movies bought wholesale from Beate Uhse's now defunct warehouses and fair to meddling French features left over from some Parisian passion pit.

During the year's last holiday-infested week, they were showing a double bill consisting of a Kraut version of Jack Remy's amiable L' AMOUR and this ultra-obscure Claude Pierson confection, or at least most of it. As trusty French film magazine La Revue Du Cinéma informs, Pierson (as "Carolyn Joyce") cobbled LES DEUX GAMINES together from his own back catalog (BLONDES HUMIDES and JEUNES COUPLES DECHAINES, both from 1978) with newly shot – circa 1980 – wraparound footage featuring tragic starlet Cathy Stewart and German Barbara Moose as a pair of Catholic schoolgirls exchanging erotic confessions.

Now the French possibly had the most stringent porn laws anywhere, with tremendous taxes on any new and especially foreign material as well as a strict veto against any form of publicity beyond exhibition of a film's title.

FMCH only works with underserved populations, which demonstrate financial need and have limited access to social services/use public healthcare systems.

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    “This is mainstream; this is normal, this is almost mundane for some of the people we spoke to,” said Prof Andy Phippen, from Plymouth University, who helped carry out the research.

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    Scroll through the gallery to see which schools the teachers were employed, their charge and verdict.