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The service began in 2000 and has expanded to include nine online communities (or "hotels"), with users in over 150 countries.

All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a webcam to begin having quality face-to-face conversations.

Video chatting requires a unique set of rules to make the experience pleasant for everyone.

First of all, any abusive or foul language will results in an immediate ban from the online chat room.

The best thing is that you will always remain anonymous, while staying in total command of your random chat room.

You can enjoy the convenience of talking with someone as if they were in the same room as you, without every having to reveal any intimate, private details about yourself.

It was a virtual chat room running on Aapo's Fuse technology. It launched in August 2000 on the ISP's web portal.

After having been contracted to design a virtual game and chat called Lumisota (Snow Wars) for a Finnish internet service provider, they were contracted for another project. Aapo, Sampo and Dee Edwards, an entrepreneur from the UK, wanted to create an international business based on the virtual hotel concept, drafting a plan in Autumn 2000, and raised finance.

The service allows users to create their own Habbo character and design hotel rooms, meet new friends, chat with other players, organize parties, look after virtual pets, create and play games and complete quests.

Habbo stemmed from a 1999 hobby project by creative designer Sampo Karjalainen and technologist Aapo Kyrölä entitled Mobiles Disco, for a Finnish band.

It featured a new credits system with community and safety features.

The next hotel was launched in Switzerland a few months later, in four languages.

Even people with very little knowledge of computers can start chatting right away.

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