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Child victims must be handled differently from adult victims.

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PETALING JAYA: Metro Ahad has reported that an increasing number of young men in colleges, universities and white collar workers are getting involved in the underground sex trade for its lucrative returns.

Known as “money boys”, this group of young men can be seen online posing in provocative outfits in order to lure potential customers.

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In the poor communities in which Huckle roamed freely, he probably paid for his victims’ silence or used the name of God to threaten them.

Huckle was good at networking in the world of paedophiles.

To many people in the poor parts of Kuala Lumpur, Richard Huckle was a friend, a benefactor, a teacher, a keen photographer and a devout Christian.

He wormed his way into the families he came into contact with by integrating himself into their communities. Some Malaysians think all westerners are rich and Huckle probably worked his way into their hearts by handing out a RM10 note here and there to present himself as a philanthropist. This week, a Reuters article, quoting police officials, said families that Huckle associated with were in denial about his abuse of their children.

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