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Many of the laws in the UAE are based on Sharia law and you should keep that in mind at all times.For starters, like many Middle Eastern countries, the UAE has the death penalty for serious crimes such as murder, rape, and treason.

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What came next: a pregnancy diagnosis—and her arrest for unmarried sex, which is illegal in the UAE.During the holy month of Ramadan, eating, drinking, smoking is forbidden between sunrise and sunset, and non-Muslims are expected to follow this principle in public as well.Again, western-style hotels are an exception and have facilities to cater for non-Muslims during this time, but strictly speaking it is illegal, so if you carry-on like an idiot when they throw the book at you it might be the Qu'oran.Non-residents of the UAE arrested for fraud are not usually eligible for bail, and convicted debtors usually have to remain in jail until the debt is either paid or waived.Be careful if you plan on any recreational boating or fishing near the island of Abu Musa, located approximately 30 kilometres from Dubai.This may even include a simply discussion of over faiths and people have been deported for just that reason, even when they didn't think they were preaching at all.

So while you may think that you're discussing the benefits of the latest Bikram Yoga class, they may classify that as preaching the benefits of Hinduism.

Hopefully this is of no concern to you, because you don't behave like that anyway.

Distributing and preaching non-Islamic religious material to Muslims is punishable by imprisonment and deportation, although it doesn't work the other way around.

Iryna Nohai and her South African partner, Emlyn Culverwell‚ 29, have been detained without charge in Abu Dhabi since, the BBC reports.

"The South African government is aware of the case, but unfortunately cannot provide legal assistance" regarding what it says is UAE law, a rep tells News24.

Photography is a hobby you have to be very careful with in the UAE.

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