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[ AM] zoldemort: ~i can feel the devil take over[ AM] nhft: i miss cooliozayn's voice and charming laughter[ AM] zaytan: i can perform exorcisms via internet i have my license[ AM] zaynmalik: i miss her asshole[ AM] bum: OD/status/212557367848615937[ AM] zaytan: ia @zaynmalik[ AM] discho: omg harbalam will come out if you don't do what zaytan says[ AM] discho: i'm serious[ AM] zoldemort: what happens when im harbalamed[ AM] cigcum: yo[ AM] zaytan: ia @ohdisco u know best[ AM] zaytan: i will harbalam yo asshole sis[ AM] zaytan: harbalam session all night up_all_night[ AM] nhft: i could never stick my dick in someone with that voice's asshole idk[ AM] zaytan: hi cigcum[ AM] bum: do u guys all know each other[ AM] zoldemort: i know idtssis and nhft[ AM] nhft: *started a You Tube-video: Zayn Malik Dancing Again (Ashanti Foolish- Melissa Ft.thats a bit odd.[ AM] malikmyasszayn1: the fuck does idt mean?[ AM] zaynmalik: lol bow[ AM] malikmyasszayn1: sis = like throwing shade[ AM] jackie: whut[ AM] malikmyasszayn1: lol you dont know what shade means huh?[ AM] nhft: *started a You Tube-video: The Zourry Love Triangle.*[ AM] discho: That shit is a lie, she would be in sooooo much pain she wouldn't be able to move[ AM] zaytan: thats what its made f[ AM] zaytan: for damnit[ AM] bum: louis[ AM] zoldemort: l m a o[ AM] bum: k his x factor days[ AM] bum: before he had decent hair[ AM] bum: lbr nobody would have hit that[ AM] zaynmalik: HAHAHA this flop vid rn...[ AM] malikmyasszayn1: *changed the You Tube-video's current time.*[ AM] zaytan: change it[ AM] zaytan: they look young n ugly[ AM] idtssis: *started a You Tube-video: Please Zayn..*[ AM] zaytan: young wild n free[ AM] discho: holy shit i didn't realize there's video above[ AM] zaytan: bow i made this[ AM] idtssis: my fave zayn vid[ AM] discho: i'm such a fucking flop[ AM] zaynmalik: omg thank you :)x[ AM] discho: omw why are you playing my video[ AM] nhft: wow[ AM] zaytan: ohdisco and i made this[ AM] discho: we did[ AM] zaynmalik: butiful[ AM] zaytan: bow[ AM] bum: u should have used better font[ AM] bum: tbh[ AM] idontcoke: i edited it[ AM] discho: we were high on bathsalts and coke[ AM] nhft: ia tho like i said bad anal is a pain like NO OTHER[ AM] zaytan: what are cigarattes[ AM] zaytan: no you didnt cokehead[ AM] nhft: literally[ AM] bum: missing the comic sans[ AM] discho: but cigarettes are rly bad for you[ AM] zoldemort: 2 TO 3 DAYS[ AM] idtssis: two to three days zayn[ AM] zaytan: just 2 to 3! [ AM] zaynmalik: but its HARD[ AM] zaynmalik: i have an oral fixation[ AM] nhft: if he wanted to quit he should try wellbutrin tho[ AM] zaytan: bow to @zaynmalik[ AM] nhft: it made me mom DISGUSTED by cigarettes[ AM] nhft: and she smoked for like 35 years[ AM] nhft: i'm niall[ AM] zaytan: bathsalts roll coll?[ AM] zoldemort: i love you zayn :)[ AM] bum: hi niall[ AM] zoldemort: that was heartfelt[ AM] zaytan: bringcigsandlube change your name to this plz[ AM] discho: omg #teambathsalts[ AM] zaynmalik: #teamweed[ AM] zoldemort: i cunt :([ AM] zaytan: ia ohdisco!Atv canlı izle birbirinden güzel proğramları ile atv kesintisiz hd izleme keyfini sizler şimdi bizi tercih ettiğiniz için yaşayacaksınız, özel televizyonlar arasında olan ve yayınını oldukça güzeldir.

kurtlar vadisi pusu, karadayı, kaçak gibi dizileri bizlere izleme olanağı sunan kanalın reytinglerini zaten herkes bilmekte açıklamalarımız alttadır iyi seyirler dileriz.2000'li Yılların sonrasında ileriye götüren yayın kuruluşunu tebrik etmemek elde değil.

[ AM] malikmyasszayn1: you sound like kim kardashian.

random.[ AM] jackie: hahahaha[ AM] kaaatiebeeean1: exactly.

[ AM] bum: blood of an angel IDK[ AM] zaytan: i was merely seed[ AM] bum: but wtf 16 are you kidding me[ AM] zaytan: get over it[ AM] zaynmalik: we need more tinhats in this chat.

im bored :([ AM] discho: h ELl O Ch ILd Re N[ AM] zaytan: tinhat mah ass[ AM] zaytan: hey harb!!!!!

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