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They also eliminated costly water and sewer fees for such units. 1 and supersede local regulations, also boosted the limit on the size of granny units to 1,200 square feet, until local regulations are revised.

Many seniors value safety features such as of non-slip floors (80%), bathroom grab bars (79%), emergency alert systems (79%), entrance ramps (77%), and wider doorways (65%) to list some.Since 1995, the city has issued permits for about 600 second dwelling units, and it estimates there are an additional 2,000 to 3,000 unpermitted units in the city.A city proposal to create an amnesty program for such unpermitted structures in the late 1990s went nowhere.The proposed changes, however, have the potential to significantly impact the density and character of existing neighborhoods, the cost of building such units and the livelihoods of people who already rent second units out for extra income. Sonoma County announced changes to its regulations in January.But as the county’s largest city, Santa Rosa’s actions could have the broadest impact on the county’s housing stock.“This income makes a difference in my livelihood.”Moll suggests a more sensible approach would be to create a grandfather clause exempting existing owners of granny units from the 30-day rental requirement.

But city planner Eric Gage said the 30-day rental restriction in the draft policy was crafted specifically because the city wants existing and future units covered.“That’s exactly the intention — to make housing more available to full-time tenants, as opposed to it just sitting empty until it’s rented out on the weekends to tourists,” Gage said.

The goal is not to help existing single-family property owners get into the business of renting rooms to tourists, city officials said.

But as it is currently drafted, the 30-day rental restriction would apply to all accessory dwelling units in the city.

The city is still crafting its final proposal in response to intense feedback from the public.

A recent meeting on the topic drew about 120 members of the public, said David Guhin, the city’s director of planning and economic development.

So Mc Nees is exploring plans to build up to a 900-square-foot “granny unit” above her garage to generate rental income, provide a place for her daughter and future grandkids to stay when they visit, and maybe even move into herself someday.“As a middle-class person, I’m trying to figure out how to stretch my dollar so that I’ll be able to stay in Sonoma County,” Mc Nees said.