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At my arrival at home i had an e-mail from her thanking me for my kindness and the nice evening.I was a little surprised since she would not let me get closer to her when we were together.

As most people at this company did not speak English , he told me to ask his assistant if i needed any help as she spoke a fairly good English.

Some days i work from home and my wife has a part time job , this am the kids had left for school , i was in front of my computer to start my day , she closed the blinds ,undressed me , she took my penis in her hand to slowly massage it until her mouth gracefully sucked my hard penis,she after removed her dress to let me see her stunning body ,she sat over me and put her breast at the proper height so i can suck her brown nipples , the small movement of her hips and her erected nipples was telling me that she was very horny ,she eventually slowly removed her nipples from my mouth and sat on the edge of my desk so i could taste her delightfull pussy ,we both get excited to see my pink tongue mix with the colors of her labias and pussy.

My tongue was moving fast to massage her clit ( that's how she likes it ) until she start saying don't stop , don't stop pushing my head towards her clit before having her orgasm which usually makes her to want more , so she push my face away from her pussy , sat on my hard penis until she passionately bring me to an orgasm and cleaned me after.

After 12 years this is the treatment i get almost everyday from my wife , whether it is at night or in the morning , she rarely have enough sex. I love to start or finish the day like i started my day this morning .

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Does anyone know who this girl is or has anyone seen more of her?

I THINK it's my girlfriend, but I'm really not sure. I am writting this confession for all the people who hesitate to go out with somebody from another culture. 12 years ago i was sent by the company i was working for with a crew to install a machine into a factory in Indonesia.

I suddenly felt my dick hidden boxer shorts, began to grow in size significantly, so I moved closer to the couch, trying to hide his erection.

I stopped at a few feet away from her, leaving the sofa between us that separates us.

I went back to my normal life but could not get her out of my head so i wrote her an e-mail to invite her to visit me and she agreed.

A few weeks later i went and got her at the airport and we went to my apt to drop her luggages .

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