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Sarah had felt so free and happy as she’d stripped her clothes off like they had been restraints and indulged in wicked pleasures with all her housemates, loving being able to taste Jewel and Jessica and everyone once again.The forces of fate had conspired together that day for Sarah’s return to coincide perfectly with Britney coming back too.

It wasn’t fair to her to stay where she didn’t feel loved and it wasn’t fair to Freddie for her to pretend she felt otherwise when there wasn’t anything he could do to change her heart.

Of course Sarah had hoped that she’d find the mansion’s doors open to her once again. It would have been the height of arrogance to just assume things could be like they were.

There would be a home for her somewhere, Sarah wasn’t afraid of that, but she’d desperately wanted that home to be the same one she had left in the biggest mistake of her life.

Sarah knew she’d hurt her housemates by leaving them so suddenly to get married and she hated herself for it.

She loved her friends and knowing she’d caused them pain had broken her heart.

Now she was home again and Sarah felt like she’d never been happier before in her life.

Since she’d returned to Malibu, it had been nothing but the sweetest pleasure for Sarah.Sarah had been gone from the mansion before things had gone bad between Britney and Christina, but she’d heard what had happened through the grapevine.And now, just like with Sarah, forgiveness and love had won out over anger for Britney and with both of them home things had gone back to good…very, very good.It had made her more miserable each time she’d cheated, but she’d craved the touch of women so much that she couldn’t stop herself. Once she’d decided to leave Freddie and try and return to her old life, the guilt had disappeared like an early morning fog being burned up by the sun. It had been the same way when she’d returned to the mansion.Her reunions with Love at the studio, Rose in her trailer and then Jennifer in her limo, had been nothing but intense pleasure and pure happiness. All her sexy friends had been so happy to have her back that forgiveness was eagerly offered and immediately accepted.First if you are under the age of 18 you must leave now and not read this. I also have to thank Victoria for her constant commands to “GIT! The Harem Episode 18 “Forbidden Fruit” By KMB For too long Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dreams had been the only escape she’d had.

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