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"I had made a childish rumor, imagining that I took the girl to the bath with me," he says. I just imagined that we were naked and this kind of stuff." But to the Islamic establishment, there was no innocence in the matter.One day in mathematics class, a Basiji barged into Reza's classroom.

"When we are kids, we are taught that sexuality is a dirty, sinful thing," says "Behzad," the 35-year-old virgin."Maybe one man in a thousand is intellectual enough to cope with this." But the pressure to remain a virgin does little to prevent girls from becoming sexually active.Swayed by the brazen behavior and revealing clothes they see on satellite television, many young women have a pragmatic definition of virginity.Now 26, Reza's leads a love life outside the norms of the society in which he was raised.Although it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to live under the same roof, he allowed his girlfriend to move in several months ago."Because girls have to lie so much, they lose respect for themselves," says Reza.

"A girl only learns that her body should be used, and that boys are willing to expend a lot to have it." In Tehran, this broken female sexuality is routinely on display on Velenjak Street, in a luxe neighborhood in the north of the city.

"He started beating and slapping me, then going over to my friend and kicking him.

He kept asking, 'What did you do with your girlfriend, and when?

Often, their mothers and fathers only perpetuate the dilemma, since even the most open-minded parents are prone to the influences of the closed, post-revolutionary atmosphere in which they came of age.

"Our parents never had sex until they married, and their parents never even saw each other before their wedding," says Marjan, 29.

"Except for classic sex, in a dark room they will do just about anything else," Reza observes.

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