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The descriptions include “porn movie,” “sex video,” “call girl,” “girl kneeling,” “erotic,” “sensual,” “mistress,” “affair,” “laying back,” “legs in air,” “seductress,” “sucking on finger,” “married man,” “office affair,” “secret rendezvous,” “cleavage,” “buttocks in air,” “arched back,” “body in air,” “busty,” “boobs,” “heels on bed,” “afternoon delight,” and “afterwork surprise.” Certainly it would be something of a surprise for Ms Storie’s work colleagues at Press TV.

X", who was believed to have been the one to disseminate it to the public, albeit accidentally, initially fled the country, taking up residence in Armenia.

Ebrahimi flatly denies that she is the woman in the tape.

In an interview with the Guardian UK, she said, "I watched the film after I heard about the fuss from colleagues and the girl in it is not me.

Her behaviour, all perfectly lawful here in Australia, would be sufficient for her to be stoned to death in the theocratic and tyrannical regime that pays her to propagandise on their behalf.

One modelling site has dozens of racy images of Ms Storie with “tags” describing her work that would have any Mullah reaching for his stones.

After Iranian investigators requested he be arrested, He was reported to have claimed that he and the woman in the film were temporarily married at the time. While Ebrahimi was banned from appearing in films or on television, no formal charges were ever filed against her.

Under the precepts of Shi'a Islam, sex during temporary marriage is permitted. An Iranian judiciary official was quoted as saying: "It depends on finding out whether she had a deliberate role in the case ...

Clerics blaming uncovered women for earthquakes and then molesting little boys.

And other clerics overseeing a regime that punishes women for uncovering their hair, but legalizes prostitution as temporary marriage, that rapes virgins before executing them so that they don't go to heaven and then hires an adult model to spread their insane propaganda while dressing her up in a Hijab that doesn't actually cover her hair. It's an outward show of false piety concealing ridiculous amounts of corruption.

But the actual system is not modest or honest or just. The Iranian theocracy is utterly corrupt in every sense possible.

Behind its sternness is every form of criminality and vice imaginable.

The so-called Iranian sex tape scandal involves the public outcry and judicial proceedings against Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, an actress who appeared in the soap opera Nargess, and an associate producer, accused of appearing together in an explicit sex tape, allegedly filmed for private consumption with a camcorder, a serious crime under Iranian law.