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No 10 said the actions shown - with Iraqis stripped naked and hooded and being tormented by their captors - were in "direct contravention of all policy under which the coalition operates".

Photographs of the teenager’s breasts had been published online, and shortly before her death she posted a video on You Tube describing how she had been victimised by cyber-bullies.She faces four charges: committing an indecent act; assaulting Iraqi detainees on multiple occasions; conspiring with Spc.Charles Graner to "maltreat Iraqi detainees" and committing acts "prejudicial to good order and discipline and were of nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces through her mistreatment of Iraqi detainees."The charges must be taken up in an Article 32 investigation, a process similar to a civilian grand jury, before they can be sent to a general court-martial.That's what her job in the military is to do -- follow orders of her superior officers," Klinestiver said, adding that she is proud of her sister and "anybody else in the [372th]."Klinestiver and Goin used words such as "good-hearted" to describe England and said publicity surrounding the photos is unfairly portraying her."She's a caring person," said Goin. A man who blackmailed dozens of young women into performing sex acts in front of webcams has been jailed for almost 11 years.If the case is referred to court-martial and she is convicted, England may face official reprimand, forfeiture of pay or confinement, among other penalties.

England has returned from duty in Iraq and is based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The man, who is identified only by his first name because of privacy laws in the Netherlands, was arrested in January 2014 after police were alerted by Facebook.

Ayden C pleaded not guilty to 72 charges, including The court heard that some of Ayden C's victims were harassed over a period of years.

That's all she's been trained in by the military," Hardy said.

Klinestiver and Goin repeatedly said they believed England was doing what someone else had told her to do when she posed for the pictures."She was asked to appear in the photos," Klinestiver said, without identifying who might have made such a request."She follows orders.

England featured prominently in several photos of Iraqi detainees being abused at Abu Ghraib prison.

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