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Those of us who are in this fight must ALL pull together to fight public registration. I know it was wrong, I will never, ever do it again, and my record proves it! But isn’t it okay for people who are repeat offenders?If someone needs to be supervised in the interest of public safety, that supervision should be a part of his/her actual sentence, and does not need to be publicized to be effective. Nobody – absolutely NOBODY – deserves the humiliation of public registration.

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In most jurisdictions, a judge has no control over the duration of your registration. Think of it this way: How much of your time would YOU be willing to give?

Now they’ve charged me with a new felony offense and tell me could spend up to five years in jail or on probation. Problem is, I’m at work and need more time to arrange transportation. It ought to be, but public registration is not considered punishment, legally speaking.

The United States Supreme Court and most state courts have deemed registration to be a “civil regulatory scheme” like the permit required to own a firearm, or earning a driver’s license. You’re on the registry because you either were found guilty, pled guilty/no contest, or took an Alford plea to a sexual crime.

→ I had to manage my mother’s funeral and was late registering. → My parole officer is telling me I have to show up in her office within the hour, or she’s going to violate me. He has no restrictions that prohibit him from being around children, but Protective Services comes around weekly, telling me I have to submit to a home inspection or else they will take away my children by a prior marriage, and put them in foster care. → I know my picture is on the registry for all to see, but what about the many other sites out there that “borrow” my registry listing and add lots of incorrect information, and deliberately make me look like a world-class creep?

I know it was wrong, I will never, ever do it again, and my record proves it! But isn’t it okay for people who are repeat offenders?

As long as lawmakers and law enforcement think nobody cares what they do, they WILL continue to make things worse.

But once we start to fight back we will begin to see change.If you want to challenge some constitutional aspect of registration, there might be an attorney in your state interested in pursuing that angle. Those questions were asked for the sole purpose of preventing you from having “buyer’s remorse” later. Second, we can build a coalition of like-minded community people and propose new laws that correct some or all of the most egregious problems with public registration.Third, we can find ways to educate the general public on the truth about registered persons, and dispel the media hype that is largely responsible for that Scarlet Letter.Nobody – absolutely NOBODY – deserves the humiliation of public registration.It is simply a government-sponsored form of harassment, and there is no clear evidence that public registration has been effective in preventing sexual abuse of minors or adults.This would eliminate the need for up to 80% of former sexual offenders having to register!

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