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Callous Coban replied: “Your choice”, adding a smiley face emoji.

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He also targeted gay men and blackmailed them into handing over cash which he used to live on.

The charity said: “Talk to your child about what personal information is such as email address, full name, phone number, address and school and why it’s important. For example, avoiding usernames like birthdates or locations that give away too much information.

Discuss images and photos, and what is appropriate.

Coban’s level of IT ability was considerably higher than the vast majority we deal with.

“Children and adults alike have got to be very wary about what they do and say and release on the internet.” THE NSPCC has issued advice to parents on keeping kids web safe.

He created 96 fake Facebook accounts, including Kelsey Rain and Tyler Boo, to chat to girls after first befriending them in on­line communities like Habbo Hotel.

He was finally snared after Facebook investigators asked Brit cops for help and National Crime Agen­cy officers joined a chatroom he used, posing as a girl called Jane.At the same time Dutch police secretly entered his home and left a keylogger device on his computer which recorded his online activity.They also bugged the property and tapped his phone — proving he was the man responsible for the calculating blackmail campaign.A MONSTER who targe­ted thousands of British girls in an online black­mail campaign was jailed for ten years yesterday.Aydin Coban, 38, got victims to strip on webcam, then used the video to force them into explicit shows — warning one who stood up to him: “I can annihilate your life — I will drive you to kill yourself.” The jobless computer geek sought out youngsters around the world during the six-year ­campaign, a court in Amsterdam was told.The pervert gave the girls a set number of shows they had to complete before they were “free”.

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