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"At the same time there is no single e-wallet that is prominent in Malaysia," he added.The US has Apple Pay, Google Wallet while China widely uses Ali Pay and We Chat.

In 2010, Mc Kinsey consulting firm said that 92.5 per cent of Malaysia's transactions were made in cash.In Malaysia, Air Pos was launched in April last year (2016) for small and medium-sized businesses to accept cashless payments.But mobile wallets are still nascent in Malaysia, with little response thus far from consumers.Efforts are being made to promote a cashless economy in Malaysia, with banks encouraging use of debit cards for shopping.Malaysia's e-commerce is growing at nine per cent a year, with last year's revenue at US4 million (S$xxx).Despite being heavy users of the internet, three quarters of Malaysians are concerned about mobile payments due to security issues, a survey by Nielsen found.

Mobile payments are likely to increase if security features are enhanced and incentives are given.Sammyboy's forum is an icon in mongering cyber world for years.The country of Malaysia has become a very modern place."The obstacles now are business readiness and investment in e-wallet readers," said Chan Kok Loong, head of i Pay 88, an online payment systems provider used by vendors selling goods and services in Malaysia.Mr Chan said that while the central bank wants more payment card terminals and readers to be deployed, the cost is too high for businesses.We are sensitive to multinational needs and providing the most appropriate weighing principles for business applications.