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They claim that they are faced with various key issues affecting their human rights in this country, although the Namibian Constitution clearly states that Namibians can practice any profession, trade and/or business.

He added that the bases of human rights which are represented in the Namibian Constitution are clear on the enforcement of protection of all people, irrespective of their association.

The trust is not happy with a draft municipal by-law that will give the City Police the authority to arrest sex workers and their clients.

RNRT spokesperson Nikodemus 'Mama Africa' Aoxamub said the trust is not afraid to seek legal assistance and will do so once the municipal by-law is gazetted.

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Speaking at a media briefing at the City Police headquarters, Aoxamub alleged that the by-law was drafted without any consultation or inclusion of sex workers and that they only found out about it in March this year.

According to the RNRT, all stakeholders were consulted when the City of Windhoek drew up the Strategic Framework on HIV/AIDS for 2013-2016, an example which they say the City Police, which they assume drafted the by-law, should follow.

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The platform was created for sex workers to speak openly about issues concerning them, amongst others by making recommendations on the draft by-law.

The RNRT however failed to provide such recommendations at Tuesday’s briefing, and instead only indicated that it was not in agreement with the law., experience porn how it was meant to be - in the palm of your hand!