Nevwr use a cresit card fucksite

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In contrast, on a credit, you can borrow as much or as little as you need each month (within your credit limit of course), and the minimum monthly payment is tiny.

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In addition, you have to have good credit (FICO score above 600) to qualify for a good credit card. Credit cards are a good option primarily for business owners with good credit who need to fund smaller purchases.

4) 0 % Promos on APR and Balance Transfers A lot of credit cards offer 0 % interest on purchases and balance transfers for anywhere from 6 to 21 months.

Technically, this means you could borrow for free if you rack up a balance but pay it off in full before the intro period ends.

2) Avoid Fees When Possible Annual fees, balance transfer fees, and cash advance fees can all add up and increase the cost of borrowing on a credit card.

If you are struggling with debt, then it’s probably wise to find a credit card with no annual fee.

The second question protects the named cardholder’s credit score from plummeting if all the business partners don’t pay their fair share of the credit card balance.

4) Get the Highest Credit Line You Can One of the disadvantages of using a credit card is that you’re limited to the size of your credit line in what you can buy.

To keep your interest as low as possible, make a list of essential business expenses. If possible, use up no more than 30 % of your credit limit each month.

If you must keep a larger balance, try to pay more than the minimum monthly payment to keep your interest as low as possible.

Over time, however, you can expect an increase in your credit line.

For instance, Capital One promises a credit line increase when you make 5 on-time payments on their Platinum Credit Card.

3) Keep Business Partners In The Loop It’s important to be upfront with your business partner(s) about credit card usage.

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