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Your credit card is charged only at the time of the actual shipment of item(s).

Nonetheless, we’ve created 21 tips to protect yourself from credit card fraud — which you’ll find below. If you move, notify your credit card issuers in advance of your change of address.

Try not to let your credit card out of your sight whenever possible. Never give your credit card info out when you receive a phone call. Never provide your credit card information on a website that is not a secure site. Sign your credit cards as soon as you receive them. Don’t carry around extra credit cards that you rarely use. Open credit card bills promptly and make sure there are no bogus charges. Shred anything with your credit card number written on it. According to US law, once you have reported the loss or theft of your credit card, you have no more responsibility for unauthorized charges.

(For example, if you’re told there has been a ‘computer problem’ and the caller needs you to verify information.) Legitimate companies don’t call you to ask for a credit card number over the phone. Never respond to emails that request you provide your credit card info via email — and don’t ever respond to emails that ask you to go to a website to verify personal (and credit card) information. Treat your credit card bill like your checking account — reconcile it monthly. Further, your maximum liability under federal US law is per credit card — and many credit card issuers will even waive that fee for good customers.

We will email a confirmation once the funds have reached us and we have successfully processed your order.

Flex Shopper provides an alternative payment option for customers that do not have good credit or sufficient cash.

They will generate an order or quote for you and email you an order/quote copy.

You can then proceed with the wire transfer on your end. Our payment information is: For International wires: CITIUS33 Please include your order or quote number.

Pay Pal will not give Adorama any of your personal billing information giving you an extra level of assurance.

Learn More Pay Pal Credit is a payment option (subject to credit approval Comenity Capital Bank) that lets you buy now and pay later. Pay Pal Credit will periodically offer specials such as 6 months special financing.

(Minimum purchase and payments may be required) Learn More.

To use wire transfer as a form of payment, please place your order over the phone with a salesman at 800-223-2500.

If paying by Debit or Check Card, the funds are authorized as soon as the order is placed, which may affect the availability of funds in the account.