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The grey-brown mottled females and immature plumage have yellow uppertail-coverts and a yellow underbody distinguishing them from the crimson chat but is still rather similar to the yellow chat.The orange chat mostly occurs in dry, low lying, saline environments that are rarely flooded such as sparsely vegetated gibber plains, salt pans, salt lakes or claypans.

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The orange chat is potbellied in shape with long thin legs, a short slender straight bill and a brush-tipped tongue.

Male feathers are a deep, warm, cadmium yellow with orange overtone, the colour is strongest on the crown and breast.

The orange chat is gregarious and mobile with undulating flight but also very wary which does not allow close interactions.

They are easy to see from a distance perched atop low bushes, shrubs or trees due to the vivid orange plumage of the male.

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Each example below shows an opening and closing tag for reference.

The only exception is the Message Prefix box for members where Chatrocode tags may be left open in order to stylize the message text (such as coloring or decorating message text).

Orange chats are usually 10–12 cm in length, 10-12 grams in weight and have an average wingspan of 19 cm.

The orange chat is a small ground songbird with relatively long, broad and rounded wings and a short square ended tail.

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