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Facebook pages earlier in the week containing nude or sexually explicit photos of young Maine girls prompted investigations by several law enforcement agencies around the state and an outpouring of criticism on social media.The pages created Thursday night showed girls who were scantily clad.

These are two good questions and I have only one answer – because I’m curious to know why we humans (especially me) react to nudity in the way I observe we do. Generally, nudity in public is considered an inappropriate or rude expression/behavior.There are other uses of nude, for example, in law, nude implies, “without consideration or other legal essential: said esp.of contracts.” For this post, I am going to use nude and nudity to mean being completely naked, uncovered and/or without clothing.Barnes suspects a couple of copycat pages are in play because three new pages were out there, not just one.Facebook’s standards are broken down into eight categories, including direct threats, self-injury, dangerous organizations, bullying and harassment, attacks on public figures, criminal activity, sexual exploitation, and violence and regulated goods, which pertains to the sale of firearms, alcohol and drugs.“They’ve agreed to do the best they can to get that information out to us in less than the standard time. State police are continuing to work with local Maine law enforcement agencies, including the Skowhegan Police Department, the Oakland Police Department and the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, to identify some of the girls in the pictures originally posted on the page.

Only a handful of girls had been identified as being from Maine by Thursday.“It’s going to take awhile (to get that information),” she said. What we need to do is take the lessons from this and put them into place.” Facebook has a community standards page, where it explains that certain content may be removed if it is believed to pose a risk of physical harm or a threat to public safety.Barnes said the community standards don’t do enough to regulate content.Of course, there are many diverse exceptions such as bath houses, art sculptures and paintings, medical examinations, very young children, and nude beaches.I realize, that some of you might disagree with some or all of my exceptions; let’s just agree to disagree! Why, in the world, would I want to write about nudity and rudeness?

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