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In order for an oil to be called extra virgin olive oil, the Fatty Acid Profile must be comprised of at least 55% Oleic Acid. The unique process of aging balsamic vinegars to perfection allows our guests to sample from over 20 flavorful varieties.Our Traditional Balsamic, which is aged up to 18 years, is a classic favorite along with our popular Fig, Sicilian Lemon, Peach, Red Apple, Pomegranate and Cranberry Pear to name a few.

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Peroxide is responsible for color and aroma changes as the oil oxidizes. Antioxidant substances that we measure in Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Polyphenols extend the shelf-life of an oil & also determine the “style” in terms of bitterness and pungency.

The cluster is giving off X-rays that must be coming from a very hot cloud of tenuous gas filling the space between the galaxies and concentrated towards the centre of the cluster.

This is another sign of a mature galaxy cluster, held firmly together by its own gravity, as very young clusters have not had time to trap hot gas in this way.

This grouping, named CL J1449 0856 [1], had all the hallmarks of being a very remote cluster of galaxies [2].

The results showed that we are indeed seeing a galaxy cluster as it was when the Universe was about three billion years old — less than one quarter of its current age [3].

We celebrate the diversity & differences in olive oil styles & will rotate in by season the best oils that can be found from both hemispheres, including Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Australia, Tunisia, Chile, and California. What happens after the fruit is harvested makes all the difference to the oil produced.

Becoming familiar with a particular extra virgin olive oils flavor characteristic, chemistry, and harvest date will help you make an educated decision about which olive oil is right for you.“The surprising thing is that when we look closely at this galaxy cluster it doesn’t look young — many of the galaxies have settled down and don’t resemble the usual star-forming galaxies seen in the early Universe.” Clusters of galaxies are the largest structures in the Universe that are held together by gravity.Astronomers expect these clusters to grow through time and hence that massive clusters would be rare in the early Universe.Always know the harvest date and the chemistry of an oil to insure that you’re getting what you paid for.All of our premium extra virgin olive oils display the harvest date and chemistry.Although even more distant clusters have been seen, they appear to be young clusters in the process of formation and are not settled mature systems.

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