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He thinks that his virginity is a precious and sought-after treasure which women will come in droves to take (he even went so far as to use it as a bargaining chip to haggle with a prostitute), and believes that mass debating ultimately makes him better at sex.With Chris's slippery grip on language, he is also noticeably confused about basic sexual terminology.

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hanky-panky) as well as gender, mostly stemming from stunted sexual development, a sheltered upbringing, and the twisted, disjointed worldview he acquired as a result.He first developed an understanding of sex from watching softcore porn on HBO at around age 16. In his mind, Chris has mastered all there is to know about sex, and now regards himself as a bit of a guru.He has said that kissing a woman is "magical and delightful...This has engendered many false beliefs in Chris, which he sticks to religiously.Readers who brave his sex chat logs should immediately notice what's going wrong--Chris's fantasies are merely recreations of what he's seen in pornos, rather than plausible sexual experiences.This article contains link(s) which have been cut down by the Internet Lumberjack or which have otherwise crashed into slumber due to the hug of death.

Please help the CWCki by replacing or restoring these links.Nothing realy bothers me and what I can't control does not affect me. Mail me if you would like to attend gallery with me 2hot2btrue seeking great love in Edmonton 27 years old Your Man Is Waiting “Im Looking for someone who will make me happy...someone to have a real good time with” Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Very fit,5'7 something like that, I Only Wear Tight Clothes, Im Rich, calgarylonely getting laid in Calgary 43 years old single man “sexually frustrated man looking for a little fun” considerate man looking for a discrete encounter that may lead to more if the right person is found.I look forward to every day and find it all so entertaining. sick of the bar scene, and getting set up by friends.For example, he believed that Kacey would welcome a brutal tit-fucking followed by load after load of navy to the face.this is undoubtedly due to his experience with his sex dolls.For example, Chris told Ivy he had a "sticky dream" about her.

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