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The Red Light District and the city’s soft drug policy is considered a symbol of Amsterdam’s image as a tolerant and liberal place by a lot of people, so the planned modifications are bound to affect that.

” “Yes, I am the older one, so I am telling you to do it.” I sighed.

‘’The whole idea behind legalising coffee shops and decriminalising the use of weed was for the government to gain greater control over the drug use in the Netherlands and to take the shady drug dealers out of business and off the streets’’, my friend says.

But new government policies from several years ago are now aiming at the ‘professional’ cannabis growers – basically anyone growing weed under electric lights. Due to the still complicated drug laws in the Netherlands, professional marijuana growers risk big penalties.

There was a lot of staring (like, ), pointing and photographing, but it was somewhat obvious they came for the notorious reputation; in the evening, a lot of sex shops and coffee shops were crammed as well.

So I can imagine the city’s tourist industry would take quite a hit with clamping down on the district 1012.

These actions led to some wondering whether the government used the suppression of criminality and the issue of sex worker’s safety as a suitable justification for grabbing the valuable properties in the popular district.

The sex worker’s dissatisfaction evolved into a protest gathering more than 250 prostitutes and their supporters in April last year, retaliating over the closure of the windows.

Therefore, with the new regulations in action, coffee shop owners choose to get their products from criminal organisations. A week later, I was walking to the Smokey coffee shop’s bar, very intrigued with the colourful marijuana menu I was holding in my hands. I guess I did a decent job, as he asked “Hoe kan ik u helpen? “Ummm…” He laughed and tried again with, “How may I help you?

‘’Not only people are now complaining on the bad quality, since these dealers grow their plants God-knows-where ’’, he explains, ‘’but also, with coffee shops getting the pot from the black market, the original purpose of legalisation has the reverse effect’’. “Okay, go and ask him’’, I heard my sister saying behind my back. ” Side note, English is very common amongst the Dutch citizens, especially when you compare this country to, for example, France.

I paid way more attention to the structure of the city on that cruise (thank you, drugs) than I did couple of days before, while riding on the Yellow Backie.

The inspiring concept behind the Yellow Backie, where you ride on the luggage rack of a random Amsterdammer’s bike, is ‘to spark some love between Amsterdam locals and its visitors with a famous Dutch custom’, according to their website.

Sex workers argued the project’s measures will force half of them into less popular, but also less protected areas of the city – and less protection could allow a higher level of crime.

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    A separate group put up a banner in the central part of campus on April 1.