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Sex dating game sim review - online dating for little people

While not every answer you give has to be perfect, certain scenes require one or more perfect answers to unlock, and some women are much less forgiving of deviations from the “perfect” path than others - some of the women already have a crush on you, meaning they'll go out with you no matter what you do or say, but others see you only as a friend, some don't know you at all, and (hardest of all) some joined the club solely to get you to fall in love with her friend, and will devote all of her energy to keep herself from falling for you.From a simulation standpoint this volume of choices creates a lot of depth, replay variety, and a fair amount of freedom, but from a game perspective it can be aggravating as some scenes have very specific answer criteria, and some ridiculous restrictions placed arbitrarily in the game system can amplify this.

Logically, this makes no sense, and makes asking the woman out on a weekend date a hindrance in your relationship – when I was courting Sidney, I made the mistake of booking a weekend date on a day when I needed to have an evening date, which forced me to miss a diary-writing scene that was critical for the relationship to advance, even though I said all the right things in conversation.

Like most bishojos, Casual Romance Club uses a question-and-answer format determine the exact path you follow and what bonuses you get, but what sets this game apart is the sheer volume of decisions you make as a player, and it is a very sharp, double-edge sword.

You need to decide which women to talk to each day, the topics of conversation for each, often the answers to their questions, and whether to ask her out for an evening date or for the weekend.

Another example is that you can only talk to three of the twelve women on any given day, which is frustrating when you're first starting the game and actually want to meet all the women.

And on top of everything, you can only save at the start of a day, meaning using save/reload strategies to find these perfect paths are more time consuming than they need to be.

The result is a very choppy, unnatural voiceover with heavy accents (made even worse by the seriousness of the scenes with full voice acting) that lead me to switch back to the Japanese tracks.

Aside from this very prominent flaw the sound is merely average, typically light and airy background music plays throughout, and standard volume options (aside from turning each woman on or off, which are mostly unnecessary since you're picking who to talk to anyways) exist.While the women do speak English if you set the game to do so, the original Japanese voice actresses, who show a very obvious lack of experience in speaking English, are the ones doing these voiceovers.Furthermore, only the first few words of conversation are said - the only dialogues fully read aloud are the diary, masturbation, and weekend date scenes - often cutting off sentences half-way through.Characters and Story: 9/10The Casual Romance Club consists of 15 members, 3 men – yourself (whom you get to name), occasionally seen comic relief man/bad cop Jordan, and the never-seen-but-sometimes-discussed Mark - and twelve women, whose personalities are based loosely on the twelve horoscopes of the zodiac.While this sounds cheesy, the zodiac is never made out to be part of the game, and the concept is developed well, as each woman's personality is unique enough to stand out in the much larger than usual crowd for a game of this nature.Gameplay: 5/10Almost all of Casual Romance Club takes the format of a one-on-one conversation with women you choose to talk with, whether in the “clubhouse” restaurant or on a date, occasionally interspersed with bonuses like late-night pager messages (dating the game considerably!

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