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WASD movement isn't really needed here in my opinion but some find that a bit distracting.


Facial expressions on some are lacking warmth in a givin' animation (Couple sex animations woman looks like a robot) Again, very minor. I hope they don't give up on such a thing seeing as this could be something bigger than just a chat game for adults. It's really impressive what they are building up here.

(Year being the much better deal for both parties if you really enjoy it) Like I said though, 20 dollars just to demo it is a little high. (I'll get into more of that next.) All, in all I love the game the year is definitely where it's at.

There has only been about a week I was concerned the Dev team was in Hawaii drinking down margaritas. (Please remember porn is pricey to begin with when making the decision.

I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for this type of game.

Dancing, varied partner interactions, easy to use interface, customization and able to change at any time hairstyles and clothing! 2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet?

) but not too large (for not screwing the poses) - More hairstyles, clothes... 3DXchat was something I randomly came across one day wishing to further my perversions in the roleplaying world.

- more poses for F/F (with a coloured strap-on, not a fake cock) - Lady Boys, she-males, trannies.. Same poses as the M/F - Sizeable cocks (small, large, XL... You really see those people are working on it to improve. This game has one of the friendliest and welcoming communities of any game I've ever played.

With focus and dedication to the product nothing will rival it for years to come. I may have left out some other feelings and placed some in categories that don't make sense but at this point.

Just know i'm impressed and you should give this game a shot!

I like volley ball, swimming, dancing, but i hope there will be many many others activities and stuffs !

try to put a cop uniform for men, and nurse for girls ^^ 2) in order to play a multiplayer game, there are many different ways to play this game : some play for sexual interaction ---- their choices some play for human social behaviour, make new real friend, have a "virtual life", very good and attractive --- my choice ^^ 1.

The music in homes , the avatar very well made , décorating our homes ....