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But what was meant to be a sweet moment turned ugly because of Simms's comment. The parents of a young boy have filed a lawsuit against a Baptist church in Canton on claims the church failed to protect him from a church volunteer who sexually assaulted him.

The "Falconiforme BIRDMARKER Database" includes data from the testing of 58 eagle and falcon primers in 15 raptors and 2 other bird species.

The parents said Finch refused to tell the police about Sheffield's history, "but instead attempted to cover for Sheffield by portraying to officers that plaintiffs' child was an unruly youth, thus not worthy of belief." The lawsuit also said, "First Baptist rented defendant a car so he could get away before plaintiffs were able to get to Florida to pick up their child." The parents claim that Sheffield sexually abused multiple victims while working for the school district and through his employment and volunteer work with First Baptist.

will have more information on this story as it becomes available.

Please Note: We have provided this data as a courtesy in the hope that this will help you in your research.

Although we have taken great care to record this data accurately, we do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or for any costs or damages that you might suffer as a consequence of mistakes in this data.

When using this data please include the following acknowledgements.

"This work was assisted by the BIRDMARKER webpage maintained at the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Sheffield, UK." Please also acknowledge the individuals who performed the primer testing for each individual species used and any associated published references (see Table). Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK.The primer sequences for the monomorphic were not permitted to be included in the Richardson et al. Microsatellites for the buzzard, Buteo buteo (Johnson et al. Reference list for passerine microsatellite loci in stock at the NBAF-S. Passerine BIRDMARKER Database (a passerine primer cross-utility database) 8. These databases are the result of Dr Deborah Dawson's work to identify a set of microsatellite markers suitable for genotyping in most species belonging to each family of birds.2000 Molecular Ecology paper (standard procedure for monomorphic loci as dictated by the journal, Molecular Ecology). Falconiforme BIRDMARKER Database (an Eagle and Falcon primer cross-utility database) 9. Passerine-chicken sequence alignments (Dawson et al. This data is also being used for a study into avian microsatellite evolution, the factors responsible for cross-species utility and comparative studies of loci across different species.Non-passerine birds: For non-passerine we recommend testing all the 34 TG markers and the six "Set 1" CAM markers (CAM-06, CAM-13, CAM-17, CAM-18, CAM-20 and CAM-24).These are both a 100% match to chicken (as well as zebra finch).The lawsuit against First Baptist Church of Canton was filed Aug. The boy's parents, who are not being identified to protect the child, claim senior pastor George Anderson and church employee Shawn Finch knew of Matthew Brent Sheffield's history of sexual misconduct with minors.

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