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Simultaneously, Mary Lyon began investigating manipulations of X-linked traits that had phenotypically visible consequences, particularly in mice, whose fur color is a trait intimately linked to the X chromosome.

Thus, Ohno described the “n-1” rule to predict the number of Barr bodies in a female with n number of X chromosomes in her karyotype.Because sex chromosomes contain different numbers of genes, different species of organisms have developed different mechanisms to cope with this inequality.Replicating the actual gene is impossible; thus organisms instead equalize the expression from each gene.These mechanisms have been widely studied and manipulated in model organisms commonly used in the laboratory research setting.A summary of these forms of dosage compensation is illustrated below.Total urban population of the district is 3,08,984, which is 30.72% of total population.

It has a single municipal corporation (Karimnagar) and two Nagar-Panchayats(Huzurabad and Jammikunta).The fur patterns characteristic of tortoiseshell cats are found almost exclusively in females, because only they randomly inactivate one X chromosome in every somatic hair cell.Thus, presuming that hair color determining genes are X-linked, it makes sense that whether the maternal or paternal X chromosome is inactivated in a particular hair cell can result in differential fur color expression.Due to the districts re-organisation in October 2016, the district was carved out to form three new districts of Jagtial district, Peddapalli district and Siricilla district.Karimnagar shares it boundaries with Jagtial and Peddapalli district on north, Warangal Urban district and Siddipet district on south, Rajanna District on the East and Jayashankar Bhupalpally District on west.However, there are also other less common forms of dosage compensation, which are not as widely researched and are sometimes specific to only one species (as observed in certain bird and monotreme species).

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