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In the fall, Red Maples may turn either red or yellow.

Towering Oaks and Tulip Poplars were hewn for timber to frame the mansion, barns, greenhouse, and dependencies; wood from beeches and hornbeams was fashioned into farm implements; and the fruits of hickories, pignuts, and black walnuts provided food for both humans and livestock.Carter first encountered; the stately trees he planted over 40 years; and the more ornamental trees that Mrs.Edith Corcoran Eustis, the 20th century owner, used to embellish her English-style gardens.You are so fortunate if you visit when this tree is in bloom in late June or early July.Very fragrant small yellowish flowers bloom in profusion.Often overlooked are the old specimen trees that frame the vistas, line the paths, and anchor the terraces.

These trees recall three eras at Oatlands: the wooded landscape that Mr.This grand tree needs a large property to grow on so its elegant habit may be more appreciated.It is native to northern and central Europe and has been cultivated since colonial times.This oak specie is considered one of the fastest growing native oaks -- if not the fastest. The next tree will be on your right after you have passed the Bachelor's Cottage. Not just another hickory tree at Oatlands is straight ahead.Look up and admire the large tree canopy behind the tall boxwood shrubs. The autumn fruit are beautiful mahogany colored capsules enjoyed by local squirrels and wild life. This large specimen flaunts foot-long shingles warping away from the trunk. The Tulip Poplars are one of the tallest shade trees in North America.This tree can handle urban stress which makes it a great street tree. Right across the drive is a large shade tree that provides acorns as food in good years for squirrels and other animals.