Alliancedating language fr

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Alliancedating language fr

Collaboration versus competition An interesting observation is how international collaboration between universities is happening at the same time as heightened international competition in higher education.

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“At least if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have,” he said, then paused.e-Learning Student exchange schemes provide a cultural and learning experience beyond the home university where a student is enrolled.They also add to the diversity of the campus by receiving exchange visits.This objective is viewed as complementary to the objective of governments in the region to create a community of Pacific Rim nations through the activities of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.The association was founded to stimulate cooperation in teaching and research on issues of major importance to the Pacific Rim community.Over the last decade attention has shifted from national to international rankings and a number of universities have opened branch campuses outside their home territory.

Considering this global competition, global alliances represent a curious form of cooperation.Examples include Universitas 21; the Association of Pacific Rim Universities both created in 1997; the Worldwide Universities Network established in 2000; and the League of European Research Universities founded in 2002.The mission and activities that take place through each of these networks vary.e-Learning initiatives such as Universitas 21s online graduate management school 'U21Global' enable individuals anywhere in the world to access higher education through the internet.Mobility programmes facilitate researchers from different parts of the world with similar interests to collaborate on projects of mutual interest.These schemes also bring together researchers from different contexts and cultures to address international issues, such as the Worldwide Universities Networks Global Challenges of research questions.

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