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According to celebrity dating and relationships website Who’s Dating Who, Beyoncé reportedly dated rapper Nas (no year listed), actor Shemar Moore (no year listed), Kobe Bryant in 1998 (Beyoncé would have been 16/17 yrs old), Marques Houston in 2000 (Beyoncé would have been 18/19 yrs old), Eminem in 2001, and Pharrell Williams in 2002 which is around the same times she reportedly started dating rapper, current husband Jay-Z.

According to organizers, Thicke joins Morgan Freeman, Jamie Foxx and Sarah Palin, who will also appear during the first two weeks of ‘Leno‘.The festivities will get underway at 4pm, with Alyssa slated to hit the stage at 8pm.Each February, Alpha Phi sponsors a Cardiac Care Week to raise public awareness about cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of women in North America.Unfortunately, all she could tell us is that Ditry Money Crew hasn’t picked one out just yet.Late night talk show host, Jay Leno, will once again warm his Tonight Show seat next month and he’s bringing out some big names to welcome himself and fans back.On being opinionated, she said: 'I think it’s all just how I was raised.

My parents are both educators and the way they raised me was to always be aware of what’s going on in my business as well as in my personal life.'I could have clapped back and gone off. I just kept thinking there were other young people dealing with the same kind of issue who were watching me to see how I would respond.'I think the way we react to things is a big indicator of our character and what type of person we are.News of Thicke’s performance and appearance follows weeks of discourse at NBC, which ended with Conan O’Brien losing his show to Jay Leno, who had tried a prime-time show, but failed.Check out this nice mix of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Got Your Money featuring Kelis from the Wu-Tang Clan’s x The Beatles’ Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (2010)’ Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money feat. The Beatles Version) (10′) Check out Aziz Ansari’s first single off his RAAAAAAAANDY Mixtape demanding verses from Jay-Z, Ludacris, RZA, Eminem, MF Doom, Mos Def, Kanye West and especially Clipse, check out the hilarious ‘Eghck’ Joke lmao.RAAAAAAAANDY – AAAAAAAANGRY (With Eight A’s) (10′) Alyssa will be performing this Friday, February 26th at St.Mary’s College in San Antionio, TX at The Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center. Diddy has been telling music lovers for months that Train is coming, but he hadn’t hammered down a tentative drop date as the group continued to push the album back.