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The conference showcases the potential in each field and the power of collaboration across sectors. Her focus has been improving the quality of life amongst South Asian families both in India and the US. Vijay Mehta (Vijay Uncle) Ex Chief of General Vascular Thoracic Section Central Texas Veterans Health Care Systems.

The term “ABCD” is no longer an insult, an identity in limbo, floating between India and America, and unsure of which direction to swim.

It is a mix of foolish sentimentality (immense gratitude for what the country gave us) and the distance from having spent time there (blurring any past negative association).

Our love and concern for India thankfully is not limited to watching Bollywood movies or television soaps, it is constant engagement with the diaspora through dialogue, creating awareness around issues close to our hearts and volunteering for charities working at the grass root level.

Sheila is originally from the Washington, DC area and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

The uniqueness of Intersections Match comes from the life experiences of its Founder, Jasbina Ahluwalia.

Sheila has been active with Net IP for the past 3 years by serving as the secretary for the local Boston chapter.

Aside from Net IP, Sheila works for a test equipment company located outside of Boston as an electrical engineer, specializing in RF technology.

Far away from India, from close friends and family, we came to a strange city when I was 7 months pregnant for my husband’s work assignment.

Hence, our little American was born to solidly Indian parents!

I can attest to this because I’ve found a comfortable place between the two.

Jasbina Ahluwalia Participates in Chai Chat: American Born Confused Dating Relationships & the Young South Asian Net IP Conference Boston In a time of internet dating, bio-data, long distance relationships and everything in between, what’s really the best way to find that special someone? After tying the knot and circling the fire, how do you make a modern South Asian marriage work?

Chai Chat: American Born Confused Dating Panel Net IP Conference Boston Jasbina Ahluwalia Professional Matchmaker Jasbina Ahluwalia is the Founder and President of Intersections Matchmaking. She provides traditional methods of counseling as well as other creative communication approaches for those who are not locatednearby. Bhagat also speaks Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and English and her practice is located in Manhattan. Vijay Uncle is a sought after motivational speaker who has personally helped hundreds of Desi youth struggling to balance the East with the West.