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), his interests and best of all, women who happened to catch his eye, he never held back an ounce of feeling or a spark of sentiment.He was either non-responsive or all in, never in between.

Tagalog, spoken in the Philippines, provides excellent examples of this form.

The following Austronesian languages employ either full reduplication or partial reduplication, or both: Balinese, Chamorro, Fijian, Hawaiian, Indonesian, Malagasy, Malay, Maori, Rapanui, Samoan and Tagalog.

Applying repetitive sounds to result in change in meaning is distinguished by any of the following types which are best illustrated in examples. Full Reduplication – entire words duplicated This type of reduplication applies doubling of the entire word.

Many colorful examples of reduplication reflect upon the richness and uniqueness of language, thought and culture as expressed by those who use this form to create plurals, amplify meaning, change verb tenses or invent words to describe tangible or intangible parts of the world around us.

Whether for practicality, necessity, amplification or animation, reduplicated words are a fascinating, and fun, aspect of language. Reduplication in language is a morphological type that – through doubling a word, element, root, or stem – enhances, emphasizes, amplifies, enlarges, diminishes, adds number or changes verb tense –to bring about significant meaning changes or shades of meaning.

Doubling sounds, whether in words or parts of words, enables verbalization of thoughts to come alive in a colorful manner. Reduplication is common in some languages and less common in others.

It is a form of seasoning that salts and peppers language. Some world languages are believed to be reduplication-free, having no inherent reduplication constructs.

In the Philippines it is quite common to reduplicate first names as a friendly gesture of endearment. There are some languages (e.g., Chinese) that reduplicate elements for their surname.

The name of the Hawaiian King Kamehameha (ka = the meha = quiet) means ‘the very quiet, (solitary) one.’ Place names around the world also employ reduplication in such examples as (Philippines). Shm- Reduplication – deprecative reduplication indicating irony, sarcasm, skepticism rhyming base words with the prefix shm- ___.

The word is simply repeated, often to yield plurals or to give various levels of intensity to a thought.

Take the example of Malay in such words as ‘zigzag.’ 2.

Whether it was exuding full confidence in the Philippines (he never understood why skilled and talented people ever left the country), covering the University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons for the sports section (we were lucky enough to be part of the student body when UP won its only UAAP basketball title) or being son, brother and later husband and father to the family he loves, Oca has always given 101%. I haven’t seen him for so long now that I’m afraid we will almost not recognize each other when we finally do meet, with only the memories of presswork all-nighters, UAAP games and passionate discussions about life and love to remind us of the wonderful life in Diliman that we never appreciated then, but will always treasure.

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