Andy cohen dating anyone

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Andy cohen dating anyone - dating marriage europe

And through his treatment of his own love life, one defined by Tinder dates with significantly younger men, a certain conundrum becomes clear.Cohen is at the very tail end of a generation that grew up assuming that socially sanctioned long-term relationships would always be impossible.

It’s a wearying read at times: Every day a new fixation on a man, and every day a meditation on how Cohen will shed that stubborn body fat.Cohen's own dad, Louis, talked to Radar Online about the tales. Future Cohen and “Brazilian Andy Samberg” (“BAS” for short) have been dating for over a year now, and Cohen admits his man still gives him butterflies.“I mean, I probably shouldn’t have put it out there, because now I’m on ET talking about it.Look, it’s an internal dialogue that is ever-present.” For now, the late-night host is focused on his many jobs.This is admirable and befuddling in equal measure: Cohen’s professional life runs on access to stars, access that seems apt to run dry if he stays this candid.

It may also mess up his relationships with his coworkers: Cohen, befuddled by a production assistant’s overt masculinity and ignorance of Real Housewives divas, calls the fellow “Straight Pat” until he’s informed that Pat is gay.And yet many readers aren't trying to prove their value in a marketplace in which superheroic body proportions win the day.Cohen’s obsession with his appearance — endless documentations of squats and the inevitable “two-hour massage” that follows — are of a piece with a wealthy, urban, privileged gay life that more intellectual or explicitly political novels are loath to expose in such detail.He’s torn between impulse — a string of twentysomething objects of affection — and what he has very recently learned he ought to be doing, looking to settle down.His adoption of a dog is fairly explicitly an attempt to bridge a gap, to have a family life while still staring at every “very built” guy in his path.(That's a pretty long title.) The spy continued, "Sean is openly gay/bisexual around close friends, but not to the public."Turns out, if the rumors sound bogus, it's because, well, they are.