B a p dating rumors

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Keep the shipper feeling inside yourself I thought there's a new juicy gossip Kai/Bomi is out of nowhere, along with TOP/Krystal and Tangwei (the only one proved to be right) Chen/Bomi is...no proof, but rumors & translated fanacc (and the rumor is in korean wtf are they talking about it's all from i-fans) Kai/Naeun, I think just because they're the visuals?

I had rather ship APink X Food or APink X Me Just stop please. P & sasaeng fans#27 What are the members’ ideal types? #29 Is it true that a corpse was found in the building where BADMAN was filmed? The employee of Stardom Entertainment claims that the two have been dating for a few months now. Agency is currently checking with Lee So Yeon whether she is dating her co-star Kim Suk Hoon.Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civill penalties.

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#32 Who would each member choose to date if they were a girl?

#31 Why did Jieun pick Zelo for the song ‘Vintage’? Was Jongup really supposed to be a member of NU’EST?

What is the difference between the ‘visual’ and the ‘face of the group’?

[TO BE UPDATED]#23 Who are the members most comfortable and most awkward around? #25 What schools are the members currently attending?

About the recent dating rumors between Lee So Yeon and Kim Suk Hoon, Star J Entertainment, the actress’s agency, said, “We’re currently checking to see if this is true.