Best speed dating in chicago

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Best speed dating in chicago - abilene singles dating email

After the event, you’ll find out who is interested in you. When you think of the Art Institute of Chicago, you probably think of its massive lion sculptures outside or the Thorne Miniature Rooms, but did you know it can be a place to find love?

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We overlap the age groups in order to let you chose what event you want to attend – consider this an advantage!If there is an event you would like to attend, but you are a few years over the age limit, there may be options for you.We allow 1 or 2 people of each gender to attend a younger age group, provided there are seats remaining once registration closes on the day of the event.The one-hour tour kicks off at Gallery 100 and is led by a lecturer from the museum.If you can’t make it to the talk, there are still plenty of ways to find art focusing on love at the museum. Chicago, IL 60614 (773) 281-3330 All month in February After going through a bad breakup, a makeover can do wonders to rejuvenate and refresh a broken heart.Date Switch is not responsible for what happens between any individuals at Date Switch speed dating events or in future meetings of any kind between two individuals who met at a Date Switch speed dating event.

Date Switch participants agree by signing up for an event that they will indemnify and hold Date Switch and its subsidiaries, affiliates, venues, officers, agents and other partners and or employees, harmless from any damage, claim or liability.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy and how difficult it would be to organize events if we allowed people to just not show up and receive a rain check.

An available option is to sell your spot to a friend who is able to attend.

Whether you’re single by choice or circumstance, you don’t need to feel as though you should stay home on Valentine’s Day.

Grab your friends or go solo to make it a fun night on the town with the numerous activities that abound in the Chicagoland area.

If this is something you are interested in, you must email No refunds or rain checks will be given as long as the event you signed up for takes place.