Big bol sxi gall vidio baunlod

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Big bol sxi gall vidio baunlod

Your best bet is WP Smush, the fastest, easiest and best-performing image compression plugin for Word Press.We benchmarked WP Smush against its two biggest rivals and it was the clear winner – not only is WP Smush faster and more reliable, it will also save you more space with no visible loss of quality.

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Some are highly functional while others are minimalistic, and some are super-easy to use while others have a steeper learning curve. While Word Press comes with a built-in gallery feature, the default gallery lacks the functionality and aesthetic appeal that most users want.There is hardly a shortage of Word Press gallery plugins right now.They all offer features that enhance the display of images on your site, from adding lightboxes to enabling 3D displays.For those who has an inquiring mind, they can play with settings and customize every detail for themselves and make their own design.Provide the whole information about the videos hence from uploader panel or after inserting the video into the panel.The process of creating a video gallery only takes a few minutes and created gallery can be displayed on any page or post by means of Word Press shortcode.

You can create the gallery and fill them with different videos immediately after activating the plugin, plugin will not require you to have any specialized knowledge.This will give you an idea of just how popular a plugin is, while the ratings provide insight into how well a plugin actually works and if there are any known complaints or issues. Speed: How fast your gallery loads can impact the user experience of your site, not to mention your SEO.But there’s no point setting up a gallery plugin if you don’t optimize your images so they also load quickly.You’re probably going to want to showcase your videos in a more interesting and engaging way.Now, if you were being smart about this, you’d be using a multi purpose theme framework like Upfront (which is also, incidentally, now completely free) and you could simply copy and paste your You Tube gallery embed code into an element and display it wherever you want on your design.Counter will automatically count the views of the gallery videos, which result will be seen on the backend.

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