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Students of these two great artists have been known to highlight the differing orientations of their masters.While Hijikata was a fearsome technician of the nervous system influencing input strategies and artists working in groups, Ohno is thought of as a more natural, individual, and nurturing figure who influenced solo artists.

The theater was from 1986-2002 financially supported by the Danish Theater Council and is now resting for a period of five years in order to give space to a larger Nordic project; THE NORDIC SCHOOL OF BUTOH founded by the artistic director Anita Saij.In later work, Hijikata continued to subvert conventional notions of dance.Inspired by writers such as Yukio Mishima (as noted above), Lautréamont, Artaud, Genet and de Sade, he delved into grotesquerie, darkness, and decay.Theater Dance Lab, an internationally touring dance theater, founded in 1986 in Copenhagen by dancer and choreographer Anita Saij.For a period of more than 15 years Theater Dance Lab has explored the boundaries of dance theater and its relation to other artistic fields.Catalogue.2007 Butoh Dance in the Japanese Garden , Carmiel, Israel 2007 Butoh dance" I lean upon the sea at the stern of my heart", Amir Orr Poetry Book launch "Museum of Time ", Bialeik House , Tel Aviv2007 Solo Butoh Dance "Driada", Shaar International Poetry Festival, Chan Theatre , Jerusalem2008 VDance –International Video dance Festival ,"critical Mass", Cinematheuqe , Tel-Aviv Credited with honor & appreciation2008 "Aquarium" , Duet, Carmel.

Dance Festival , Israel2008 Established "Menifa" ' Butoh dance ensemble.2008 "When the room become water", Maya Dunsky & Ensamble "Menifa" Butoh Dance Performance with Video art , Inbal Theatre, Suzan Dellal dance center , Tel-Aviv Supported by Mifaal Hpais and Rabinowich fund 2009 "Puminjai", solo, Tikotin, Japanese Art Museum, Haifa, Israel 2010 "A moon between my teeth" , Solo, launching poetry book by Amir Or, Beit Bialik museum, Tel-Aviv.2010 Solo Butoh dance, in "Dreaming reality?" art exibition, Pyramid, center for contemporary art, Haifa, Israel2011 "Butoh Soul Dance" , Museum Wilfrid Israel, Kibuts Hazorea, 2 solo dance pieces "Nafafuri" , "Reserved seat"2011 An evening of Solo Butoh dance works, Nahmani Theater, Tel-Aviv2011 "Transparent letter", Solo Butoh dance , Beit Hagefen Theatre , Haifa, Israel 2012 "Nameless Whisper", Solo butoh dance , Butoh & Japanese Avantgarde conference, Hecht Museum & Theatre.Haifa University , Israel 2012 "Another Option", Solo Butoh dance, Mystic Rose, Tel Aviv 2013 "La Voce Del Corpo", The Voice of the body, contemporary art exhibition, Osnago, Italy2013 An evening of Butoh dance solo works, Zichron Yaakov culture Hall, Israel2013 "Butoh- Dance of the Soul", Japan Embassy, Tel-Aviv, Israel2013 Solo Butih dance, Japan embassy in Israel, Tel Aviv2014 "Table Of Silence ", Solo for live music by the composer Ethan Steinberg, with Yael Barolsky – violin & Amit Landau- Viola.Dance Lab has with its many performances achieved international recognition for a visual and powerful dance theater.Through the years it has toured festivals worldwide: Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Lapland, The Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Kroatia, France and Germany.Solo:"Between Breastplates", Solo:"But its much too strong to let it now"2003 Butoh Dance Event , Chan Theatre , Jerusalem, Israel2003 Butoh Dance , Beit Michal, Rehovot.

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