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Boaz dating advice - rusian dating space

She was only out looking for some food, looking for a way to care for Naomi’s and her physical needs.

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By the time we have dinner and finish homework in the evenings, there’s not much time or energy left for a social life of my own. I need to walk so closely to him that I hear his specific instructions to me and walk obediently.

I loved how the servant trusted God to put the right woman in his path. She is living with her heart-broken mother-in-law, Naomi, who has decided her life is simply too bitter.

She will return to her country, to her people, and live out her days in anguish. She married into this family, and she will not turn her back on her mother-in-law!

And in choosing to take the high road, people began to talk about her. I can’t even start to imagine how difficult it must have been as an outsider. She was at home in this land, a land that didn’t know or serve the God of Israel.

But there was something about Naomi that Ruth simply couldn’t deny. Maybe it was her courage to face the painful loss of her husband and sons.

She will give up the only life she has ever known, and she will travel to a foreign country.

She is determined to walk with her mother-in-law, to support her, to worship the same God she has seen Naomi faithfully worship all these years.Maybe it was just something about Naomi that Ruth couldn’t quite put her finger on. Enough for Ruth to have the courage and faith to walk forward into a new life with the God of Israel.There was no half-hearted attempt to serve him; she was all in, forsaking everything she had ever known to follow him fully and completely. She knew that seasons have a starting point and an ending point, even when we have no idea when the season will end.I have heard how you left your father and mother and your own land to live here among complete strangers. ” Ruth’s reputation for her kindness toward Naomi touched others.Ruth -12 Ruth was a woman of integrity, and her reputation preceded her. Ruth -17 Naomi’s husband had taken her and her children to a strange land in an effort to escape the famine in Israel. Perhaps it was a move made out of fear rather than faith.God placed her in the field of her kinsman-redeemer! How can this story see us through our season of singleness as we wait for our very own kinsman-redeemer?

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