Bogue dating

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Bogue dating - jamie foxx and garcelle beauvais dating

The flip side of the age-old adage forewarns the hazards of snap judgments made on the basis of outward appearances alone, but truthfully speaking, I’ve never kicked a well-groomed, well-tailored man out of my bed.Though fashion is hardly the sole characteristic to catch my eye (laughter and fresh debate are in fact my non-negotiables), I’ve admittedly dated my fair share of rakish fellows. it’s pitiful, I know, but I can’t resist a man with a strong sense of aesthetics.

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Conversation waned and turned to the innocuous subjects of Valentino sneakers and Kenzo detachable muscle sleeves.

“Graham has recently gotten into nice shirts, gold corduroy pants, and dressing like my French cousin, and I appreciate that.” There is also the handkerchief the financial analyst always keeps tucked in his breast-pocket, something Malle considers a sincere nod to style and tradition, as the handkerchiefs have been longstanding gifts from his mother over the years.

The same handkerchiefs can also be found in the breast-pocket of the custom suits Graham gets tailored by Williamsburg, Brooklyn–based designer, **Craig Robinson—**a process Malle says that Albert really enjoys.

Case in point: Style arbiter Kanye West clearly played a bigger role than most grooms in the aesthetics of his Givenchy-laden wedding to Kim Kardashian.

West, along with legions of celebrated menswear labels and style stars, is proof that men are no longer reluctant followers of fashion, but some of the industry’s most ardent purveyors.

In fact, a too well-thought-through man can be a bit off-putting for the bibliophile.

Malle concedes, though, that she has been charmed by Albert’s recent style leanings.

Streaming in from her heart-filled home in Köln, Germany, Michelle Elie Meiré excitedly tells me about the first time she ever met her husband, art director Michael Meiré.

They were on set at a photo shoot the model turned jewelry designer was sitting for, and Meiré appeared like a mirage on the Miami Beach in a three-piece Romeo Gigli suit.

Menswear fashion designers, fashion photographers, creative strategists, actual haberdashers . After all, a guy who knows his way around both a hammer and say, Dover Street Market, captivates.

You would think I would have built up some resistance after one of my ex-boyfriends morphed into a bit of a “fashion monster” while we were dating.

From CFDA-approved Public School and Elder Statesman to **Pharrell’**s talking-piece of a topper, **A$AP Rocky’**s endless hip-hop odes to his favorite designers, or the stylish international romps of menswear bloggers Street Etiquette, lately it appears that fashion doesn’t just begrudgingly happen upon men, but they are actively creating moments of style.

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