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Our principle is: 'Empowering Young People for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential' we try to achieve this by offering leadership opportunities within our local committee, through leadership seminars across the US, and with our exchange programs.This allows CU students to bring to campus a view they otherwise would not have and enrich the campus community.

We develop our members leadership skills with training conferences across the US and also help university students find paid traineeships abroad in over 125 countries worldwide.AIESEC Colorado promotes the exchange network of AIESEC International via events and meetings on campus and then supports the exchange process for students who travel abroad from the application to the airport and back.AIESEC exists in 125 Countries and we provide the opportunity to CU students to either Volunteer or get a Paid internship abroad and enrich the university community with a global perspective.If your Organization is in good standing with us, we have that you are recognized and you are able to schedule events, meetings, etc.If you are unsure of your current status, please contact our office to check your Organization's status.With a variety of leadership and community engagement programs, the CSI office at CU Boulder provides an important link between students and their surrounding communities.

CSI brings together student organizations, student leaders and student volunteers under one mission; making our campus a better community and a more involved place.

We helped create home far from home to an incoming / transfer students and give platform to faculty members to share their experiences and expectation for the year to come, thereby giving the students a sense of awareness for the future.

In short we aid this community in raising very well global studentsit is paramount that anyone at all who intends to get involved with ASA attends or gets active with our bi-Weekly Meetings in which important information about us and our upcoming events are passed on.

Anyone interested in the organisation can attend our weekly meetings and join us in reviewing projects and discussing about the event organisation.

There is no membership fee for students or non-students.

We are a social forum for all students of African descent as well as students who are interested in sharing the African experience at CU-Boulder.