British men dating habits

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British men dating habits - Cuckold date line

This has been true since at least the late-Nineties when the New Lad was first christened.Weaned on stadium rock, tit mags and designer drugs, the Lad was meant to be a cocky, fearless, politically incorrect antidote to the limp-wristed New Man.

Lads, so the theory goes, simply couldn't be arsed with all that door-opening, car-hiring and tab-paying of traditional dating.

There has been much debate in the UK press recently about the concept of what North Americans call 'dating'.

Gwyneth Paltrow rallied to the defence of a Canadian girl who wrote an article for a UK magazine.

'The first thing you should know about English men,' she said, 'is that what they secretly want most in the world is to be with other English men.' It was some time before I figured out what she meant.

Two months after Nigel's chilly dinner party, I was out with a banker, another Etonian, on what was probably our fourth date.

Maybe it's like tennis, I thought, while watching pencil-necked Tim Henman crash and burn at Wimbledon this year.

Just because the English invented the game doesn't mean they're much good at playing it.

What would Shakespeare or Marvell have written about without the conventions of lovemaking?

At what point along the way did English men give up wooing women, and why?

In my experience, many of these men live in abject fear of being left alone with an unknown woman - the very definition of a date! None of the men I've dated in London could qualify as 'Lads'.

They are all professionals: doctors, lawyers, bankers, journalists, business-owners; grown men ranging from their late-twenties to late-thirties, equipped with tidy flats, well-tended gardens and cultural interests that don't include the latest issue of Maxim.

The tragic ineptitude of the English male by Leah Mc Laren English men are widely reputed to be the worst lovers on the planet.