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She shares a close bond with first-love Lucas Scott, and has also formed many close friendships.Peyton Sawyer is her best friend since the age of eight; she is also friends with former roommates Haley James and Rachel Gatina, Haley's husband Nathan Scott, Mouth Mc Fadden, and former assistant Millicent Huxtable.

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Upon reaching adulthood, Brooke becomes a successful fashion designer for her own company.

Along with Peyton, she becomes a key player in the series' central love triangle involving Lucas Scott.

In later seasons, however, her character arc shifts its attention to her career as a fashion designer at Clothes Over Bros, as well as her romance and eventual marriage to Julian Baker, with whom she would have twin sons, Davis and Jude Baker.

Brooke Penelope Davis Baker was born at New Brunswick County Hospital in Tree Hill, North Carolina, to parents Robert Theodore "Ted" Davis, Jr.

and Victoria Anne Davis (née Montgomery) on March 4, 1989.

In season one, Brooke Davis is introduced as the captain of the Tree Hill High School cheerleaders.

She takes a liking to Lucas Scott when he joins the school's basketball team, attempting to pursue him in her usual, sexual advances.At the start of the second season, Brooke is forced to grow up when her father loses his job, thus forcing the Davis family to sell their belongings and temporarily become destitute.Still hurt over the way things ended with Lucas, she begins relations with her neighbor, Felix Taggaro, who becomes a "friend with benefits." Later, things become strained between Brooke and Mouth when he tells her that he is in love with her, despite the fact that Brooke thinks of him as a "little brother." Meanwhile, she begins dating Felix after he promises to not break her heart as Lucas did.During this time, Brooke decides to run for Tree Hill's student body president against students who are much more studious, hard-working, and experienced.Even in the face of the dirty political campaign of her rival, Erica Marsh, she doesn't back down and ends up winning the student election after Mouth delivers a touching recommendation speech to a packed auditorium for her.When Brooke finds out what really happened, however, she ends her friendship with Peyton and refuses to speak to her or to Lucas.

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    Once she married Paul [Mc Donald], she completely forgot about the whole thing, and now she’s with Ian who’s considered her soulmate.

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